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Regarded as one of Portugal’s most distinguished fashion designers, Isilda Pelicano started her career in 1991 and since then has presented a women’s collection every season under the brand name ISILDA PELICANO.

Through the refined use of leather and luxurious fabrics and the combination of classic fine lines and a bold touch of the avant-garde, Isilda’s distinct style reflects the elegance, flexibility, and autonomy of a woman’s wardrobe.
Through a separate division within her company, Isilda Pelicano has also carried out significant work in the area of uniform design. Clients have included the Portuguese Government, Portugal Telecom for the Expo ‘98, UEFA Euro 2004™ and UEFA Euro 2008™.

Isilda’s unique approach to fashion and uniform design has garnered her noteworthy admiration. She was a past winner of the Smirnoff Fashion Award and is a frequent feature in Portuguese newspapers and magazines. Most recently, Isilda Pelicano was voted as “Best Female Personality in Fashion – 2006” by readers of popular Portuguese publication Lux Magazine and in 2011 she was awarded with a Career Prize “ Prémio IADE Carreira 2011”.